Xiaomi recruiting testers for Poco F1’s Q update & Mi 6, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A’s Pie update

Xiaomi through the Mi Community forum is recruiting users who wants to test the upcoming Global Stable ROMs for their device. The devices for which Xiaomi are seeking testers are Poco F1 (for it’s Android Q update) and Mi 6, Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A (for it’s Android Pie update).

Xiaomi recently announced that they are going to shut down the Global Beta ROMs for all devices from 1st July 2019. Now, this was little disappointing for some Xiaomi fans who used to install these Beta ROMs as they were quite stable and used to get very frequent updates. But although it was great for users, from Xiaomi’s perspective this was not working well as they were not getting proper feedback from the users regarding how the Beta ROM is performing. This was eventually leading to lot of bugs in the ultimate MIUI stable release.

So as a solution they have started recruiting testers through the community and asking them to be a part of a closed group of testers. This approach may solve the issue of proper feedback and may help Xiaomi developers to come up with Public Stable Releases with very few and minor bugs hopefully.

Now, when it comes to Android Q Update, the Google’s Android Q itself is in Beta 4 right now. So we can logically assume that the ROMs which will be provided to the users of Poco F1 as a tester will be a Global Beta ROM with MIUI on top of Android Q.

As for the Android Pie Update for Mi 6, Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A is concerned the testers are going to get either the Beta or the Stable ROMs itself for testing.

There are some conditions though among which most significant are: communication language will be English and only QQ will be used as a communication tool.

To get more detail and to apply as a tester, head on to MIUI Community Recruitment Thread.

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